JuanCash Prepaid Card Terms and Conditions

1. JuanCash Prepaid Card. JuanCash Prepaid card (“Prepaid Card”) is a physical card issued by Zybi Tech Inc. Doing business under the name and style of JuanCash (“JuanCash”) in partnership with MatchMove Pay Philippines, Inc., (“MatchMove”) and Asia United Bank Corporation(“AUB”). This Prepaid Card is neither a deposit account nor insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (“PDIC”). Thus, it does not earn any interest. Matters not covered in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by BSP Circular No. 649 Series of 2009, JuanCash Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which are deemed incorporated by reference herein.

2. Prepaid Card Membership. This Prepaid card is available to all existing verified JuanCash users. Merchant Clients are also qualified to avail of the Prepaid Card provided that it has satisfactorily met the required KYB (Know-You-Business) Policy of JuanCash. Individual and Merchant Clients who avail of the Prepaid Card shall be automatically charged with a non-refundable Prepaid Card Membership Fee as set forth in Schedule B.

3. Prepaid Card Delivery. Cardholder agrees to pay a non-refundable amount of delivery fee as set forth in Schedule B, which will be automatically charged from the JuanCash Wallet upon submission of the JuanCash Prepaid Card Application Form. For a maximum of two (2) attempts, JuanCash and/or its third-party logistic provided shall deliver the Prepaid Card to the preferred delivery address provided in the JuanCash Prepaid Card Application Form. Cardholder or its authorized representative shall make themselves available during the said delivery period and present valid identification upon receipt of the Prepaid Card. Should the Cardholder or its authorized representative fails to receive the Prepaid Card for two (2) consecutive attempts, the Cardholder agrees to pay for another Delivery Fee in order to receive the Prepaid Card.

4. Activation. Cardholder shall receive the Prepaid Card in “Inactive” status and the same may be activated through the JuanCash Mobile App or by contacting JuanCash Customer Service at (02) 8891-8080. During the activation, Cardholder shall nominate ATM PIN via the JuanCash App. Upon activation, electronic stored money value in the JuanCash Wallet shall automatically be reflected in the Prepaid Card subject to MasterCard Transaction limit as provided herein. Cardholder hereby unqualifiedly agrees that the activation of the Prepaid Card shall be in accordance with the security protocols and procedures of JuanCash, and the same shall constitute conclusive evidence that Cardholder has fully authorized the activation thereof. Furthermore, Cardholder agrees to the terms hereof, and that Cardholder shall be responsible and liable for all the transactions undertaken through the use of the Prepaid Card. It shall be Cardholder’s sole responsibility to ensure that activation of the Prepaid Card is only done personally by the Cardholder.

5. Supplemental Prepaid Card. Principal Prepaid Cardholder may avail of, up to four (4) Supplemental Prepaid Cards subject to monthly aggregate limit as provided herein as well as the JuanCash Terms and Condition as incorporated herein by reference. Upon activation of the Supplemental card(s), Principal Cardholder shall designate monthly limit to each Supplemental Card Holder which aggregates with the Principal Cardholder’s Transaction Limit as provided herein.

6. MasterCard Transaction Limit. Notwithstanding with the JuanCash Tiering Limit Policy, this Prepaid Card shall adopt the limitations of the monthly aggregate balance limit of AUB with respect to the MasterCard transaction course through JuanCash e-wallet, as set forth in Schedule A. Transactions not coursed through Prepaid Card shall count towards Juan Cash Tiering Limit instead of MasterCard Transaction Limit. To learn more about JuanCash Tiering Limit, please visit www.juancash.com.

7. Prepaid Card Usage. Prepaid Card is a reloadable card which can be used as a debit card for banking and other lawful transactions such as, but not limited to Point-of-Sale (“POS”) transactions, e-commerce payments and ATM withdrawals from local ATMs through BancNet and abroad using the MasterCard Affiliated Merchants and/or MasterCard network.

8. Transaction Fees. All Prepaid Card transactions are subject to JuanCash Transaction Fees as set forth in Schedule B. Cardholder recognizes JuanCash rights to impose, charge up-front or automatically deduct from wallet balance charges such as service fees, loading fees, switch/network payment fees, service fee on transaction, and other fees on any or all of its products, services, and facilities. The Cardholder agrees to pay such service charges and fees presently imposed or may, in the future, be imposed by JuanCash. As necessary, the amount of said service charges and fees may also be revised by JuanCash from time to time. The Cardholder shall be notified of new or revised charges or fees thru any of the following: (i) JuanCash website; (ii) mobile app or (iii) other communication channels available to JuanCash. Cardholder must ensure sufficient funds in the JuanCash Wallet to cover all applicable fees and charges due for the intended transaction and thesame shall be deducted automatically from the JuanCash Wallet balance upon payment confirmation.

Furthermore, transactions made in foreign currencies shall be automatically converted to Philippine Peso using Mastercard’s selected foreign exchange rate. From the peso conversion, there shall be added MasterCard’s Issuer Cross Border and Currency Conversion Assessment fees. A service fee shall be charged by JuanCash and shall be added to the sum of the Peso Conversion and MasterCard fees as provided for in Schedule B. All fees and charges are subject to change with advance prior notice to the Cardholder.

9. Inactive Prepaid Card. Prepaid Card shall be construed Inactive if the Cardholder whether individual or corporate client fail to activate the same within Ninety (90) days from the date of delivery or if there will be no financial activity within the same period of its last transaction. In this regard, JuanCash shall deactivate and/or close the Prepaid Card by reason of Inactivity, provided that the Cardholder shall be notified thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled Account Closure. Provided further, that the stored electronic money value shall not be affected and the same shall be credit to the JuanCash Wallet despite the deactivation and/or closure of Prepaid Card.

10. Lost/Stolen Prepaid Card. Lost and/or stolen Prepaid Card shall be immediately reported by the Cardholder to JuanCash Customer Service at (02) 8891-8080, subject to submission of requirements as may be prescribed by JuanCash. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all transactions incurred prior to or transactions thereafter of such report shall be conclusive and binding upon the Cardholder. JuanCash as well as its Partners are not liable for any loss or damages suffered by the Cardholder.

When the Cardholder has permanently lost, damaged or misplaced the Prepaid Card, the Cardholder may request for the reissuance thereof via JuanCash Mobile Application. To wit; JuanCash Prepaid Card Terms and Conditions

    1. The old card shall be blocked prior to request for reissuance;

    2. The Card Holder shall request for a new Kit and activate the same upon receipt thereof;

    3. The electronic stored money value shall be kept to the JuanCash Wallet and the same shall be credited to the new Kit issued upon the activation thereof;

    4. The Card Holder shall shoulder the Card Replacement Fee as well as the Shipping Fee as set forth in Schedule B; and

    5. Request for a new Kit shall not be processed unless there is sufficient electronic stored money value in the JuanCash Wallet of the Card Holder.

11. Closure of the Prepaid Card. JuanCash and its business partner, AUB shall close the Prepaid Account link to the JuanCash Wallet for reasons of misuse of account, breach of Terms and Conditions, and/or other reasons determined by JuanCash and/or AUB management to the effect that continued operation of the Prepaid Account may be inimical to the interests of JuanCash and its business partner, AUB.

12. Privacy Statement. The Cardholder understands that JuanCash and its business partners, MatchMove and AUB, are required to undertake Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) and verify the true identity of the information and/or documents provided by the Cardholder based on official documents or other reliable, independent source documents, data or information prior to commencement relationship and/or to fully enjoy the Services of JuanCash as provided herein.

In this regard, the Cardholder agrees and/or authorizes JuanCash to disclose and to authorize the processing, storage, transfer and destruction of Personal and Sensitive Information and/or documents as defined by Data Privacy Act of 2012, to MatchMove and AUB and to their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, auditors, service providers, including legal counsel and other advisors for whatever legal purpose it may serve. Provided that such business partners to whom such disclosure is made will be informed of the confidential nature of such information and documents and instructed such information and documents confidential.

Cardholder releases JuanCash and its directors, officers, employees, and authorized representatives from any claims, cause of actions, suits, actions and liabilities of every nature and kind whatsoever arising from, as a result of, or in any way related to the disclosure of the Personal and/or Sensitive Information to its business partners.

13. Compliance with the Laws. The Cardholder hereby warrants that the use of Prepaid Card, specifically, the transfer and/or receipt of funds thru the use thereof, does not and will not violate or circumvent the applicable provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws, as amended and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and other pertinent laws, government rules or regulations. In case JuanCash and/or any of its business partners determine or has reason to believe that the Prepaid Card is being or has been used for illegitimate and/or illegal purposes, then JuanCash may immediately suspend or block (whether temporarily or permanently) the Prepaid Card, without need of prior notice to or consent from the Cardholder.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions the Cardholder hereby agrees to render AUB, JuanCash, and MatchMove, their officers, employees, and representatives, free and harmless and indemnified from any liabilities, damages, suits, or causes of action whatsoever which may arise from any violation of said laws, rules, or regulations. Moreover, AUB or JuanCash or MatchMove, upon reasonable suspicion of fraud, irregularity, or anomaly involving the Prepaid Card, may suspend or block the Card with or without notice, and initiate investigation.

14. Card Holder’s Complaint. All complaints arising out of or in connection with this Terms and Conditions shall be communicated to JuanCash Customer Service at (02) 8891-8080 or send an email to juancash_support@zybitech.com.

15. Responsibilities of The Cardholder. To help ensure the security of transactions coursed through the Prepaid Card, as well as the Cardholder’s personal information that may be contained thereof, the Cardholder hereby agrees to strictly comply with the following security measures, as well as other security measures that may be recommended or otherwise implemented by JuanCash, such as, but may not be limited to the following:

    i. immediately nominates PIN as soon as the Card is received;

    ii. not to use birthday as PIN;

    iii. keep Card number, PIN, Card security code, Card password and any system-generated one-time PIN, etc. confidential;

    iv. JuanCash may, at its option, assign a system-generated PIN, or One time password (OTP), or any combination of both.

    v. To enable the Cardholder to withdraw cash or do balance inquiries via the ATM, it is also advised to immediately change the initial PIN and nominate a personalized PIN upon receipt of the Prepaid Card.

    vi. not to engage in any activity that would otherwise compromise his/her personal information

    vii. sign the Prepaid Card immediately upon receiving it; and

    viii. safeguard the Prepaid Card as if it were cash.

16. Personal Identification Number (PIN)/One Time PIN (OTP). Cardholder acknowledges that withdrawals and inquiries through any ATMs can be made only by using a valid Prepaid Card together with correct PIN. Cardholder agrees to personally nominate a PIN promptly upon release of the Prepaid Card or upon activation of the Card via the app. Cardholder acknowledges that nominated personalized PIN for applicable transactions is known only accessed only by the Cardholder, and not known to any third-party individuals. Cardholder is required to keep the PIN/OTP confidential at all times and not to disclose the said PIN/OTP to anyone. All transactions processed through the use of the Prepaid Card and the PIN shall be conclusively presumed to be with full knowledge and authority of the Cardholder and shall accept full responsibility for all transactions processed therewith. Cardholder shall hold JuanCash, AUB, and MatchMove free and harmless from any and all losses, damages or liabilities that the Cardholder may suffer as a consequence or result of disclosure of the Cardholder’s PIN with a third-party individual.

17. Statement of Account. AUB and/or JuanCash are not obligated to send Cardholder statements of itemized transactions of Card. Cardholder may check the wallet balance and transactions in the JuanCash mobile app. Cardholder may also check the wallet balance via ATM through the Physical Card. ATM balance inquiry thru Physical Card is subject to fees as provided for in Annex B.

18. Termination by JuanCash. JuanCash may suspend, close, and/or terminate the Prepaid Card in the event the Cardholder, (i) fails to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the Prepaid Card as provided herein, or (ii) fails to observe any of the Terms and Conditions of any document or agreement which the Cardholder executed in connection with any product or service provided by JuanCash, or any of its partners, or (iii) becomes bankrupt, insolvent, or undergoes receivership, or JuanCash properties are levied on execution, garnished, or attached, or (iv) the Cardholder is convicted for a criminal offense with final judgement carrying with the penalty of civil interdiction, or (v) any of the cases covered by Article 1198 of the New Civil Code, or (vi) charged with, convicted of, or under investigation by competent government authority for violation of R.A. 8494 otherwise known as the “Access Device Regulation Act of 1998”.



MasterCard Transaction Limit

Corporate Prepaid Cards PHP 500,000.00
Individual Prepaid Cards PHP 200,000.00


JuanCash Fee Schedule

Prepaid Card Membership Fee PHP 200.00
Annual Membership Fee FREE
Shipping Fee PHP 65.00
Supplemental Card PHP 100.00
Card Replacement PHP 200.00
Card Activation (Initial PIN creation) FREE
PIN Reset PHP 3.00
ATM Balance Inquiry On-Us* FREE
ATM Withdrawal On- Us (AUB Network) * FREE
ATM Balance Inquiry Off Us (Outside AUB Network) ** PHP 5.00*
ATM Withdrawal (AUB Outside Network) ** PHP 18.00*
ATM Withdrawal (International) USD 5.00
ATM Balance Inquiry (International) P50.00
FX Service fee for card transaction in foreign currency 3.1% of transaction amount

NOTE: * Additional fees may apply depending on the Bank. Check their website or call the Bank for more information.
** May be subject to change by AUB from time to time with prior notice to clients.