Individual Reseller

JuanCash Individual Reseller can earn extra profit as compared to regular users, like selling e-load, bills payment, and money remittances. Individual Reseller will also earn Php500 commissions for every successful user that succesfully joined the individual reseller program simply by referring users using reseller invitation code.

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Here's how:

1. Download JuanCash app.
2. Register your preferred Mobile Number.
3. Upgrade to Silver Tier.
4. Join Juancash Viber Community (

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Steps on how to apply as Individual Reseller

1. Tap on the Profile Icon

2. Tap on the Reseller Program icon

3. Input Invitation code if you are invited by another Individual Reseller.

4. Tap on SIGN THE AGREEMENT ONLINE then tap I agree to sign the contract

5. Pay Php1,000 then enter your password.

Note: You need to be in silver tier in order to apply.

You can also watch a video guide to become a JuanCash Individual Reseller

Merchant Reseller

JuanCash Reseller Program is an initiative to help JuanCash users earn extra income through reselling of JuanCash Services such as E-Loading, Bills Payment and money remittances. Reseller will also earn Php1,000 commissions for every successful merchant reseller simply by referring users using reseller invitation code.


Become our merchant and Boost your business by diversifying your payment options via our latest QR technology.


JuanCash Agent is free to join, and allows you to monetize your target audience and earn commissions from each merchant transactions.