Outward Cross-Border Remittance


I. Scope of Application. The JuanCash Outward Cross-Border Remittance (“Services”) offered by Zybi Tech Inc. Doing business under the name and style of JuanCash, hereinafter referred to as ("JuanCash") shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions; matters not set forth in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant terms and conditions contained and published at www.juancash.com and deemed incorporated by reference in these Terms and Conditions; including the privacy policy, applicable laws and regulations, the business practices in China, as well as the procedures prescribed by the Receiver's Bank and/or by Parties concerned.

II. Definition of Terms.The following defined terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meanings set forth below:

    Alliance Partner – Refers to EMQ Singapore Pte Ltd., a third-party remittance institution and is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore that will facilitate the Services per JuanCash instructions.

    One-Time Online Registration – Means the KYC (“Know-Your-Customer”) process to be completed by the first time Receiver through the weblink provided by China Union Pay sent via SMS prior to receiving money.

    Receiver – Refers to the designated beneficiary of the Sender to receive the remittance transaction.

    Sender – Refers to JuanCash Users who avail the Services.

    Services – Refers to JuanCash Outward Cross-Border Remittance Services offered by JuanCash to be carried out by the Alliance Partner to the intended Receiver’s Bank Account per JuanCash instruction as initiated by the Users.

III. Service Operator. The Services is offered by JuanCash and all rights and obligations of the Sender under the Terms and Conditions shall take effect and become vested only between JuanCash and the Sender. The Alliance Partner, as well as the Receivers' Bank merely serve the role of facilitating and assisting JuanCash of its Services to the Sender, and do not and will not be a party to any transaction with the Sender.

IV. Transaction Limit. Subject to the existing JuanCash Tiering Limit, the remittance transaction initiated by the Sender is limited to a maximum amount of USD 150,000 per year, while each Receiver is subject to two (2) remittance transactions per day, a maximum amount of USD 3,000 per transaction, and USD 50,000 per year. Remittance transaction initiated by the Sender beyond the JuanCash Tiering Limit shall not be processed without the fault or negligence on the part of JuanCash.

V. One-time Online Registration.Within 72 hours, all first time Receivers are required to complete a one-time online registration via QR code sent by the Sender or weblink provided by China UnionPay sent via SMS prior claiming the remittance amount. The Sender understands that the Services can be made only to Receiver who is a Chinese citizen with resident identity card issued by the government of China or to a Receiver who has a legitimate bank account in China.

VI. Remittance Fund and Service Fee.The Sender must, in availing the Services, ensure the availability of funds to be transferred on JuanCash Wallet and pay the Service Fee as provided below in Philippine Peso. Such payment shall be automatically charged to the Sender's JuanCash Wallet upon payment confirmation. The Remittance fund to be transferred shall be received by the Receiver’s Bank in Chinese Yuan currency.

Service Fee

Transaction Fee: Fixed rate of Three Hundred Pesos (P300.00) per transaction.

No Services shall be processed unless there is a sufficient balance on the Sender’s JuanCash Wallet to cover the Remittance Amount to be transferred as well as the Service Fees associated thereof. Exchange rate depicting on the JuanCash Application is subject to change due to market fluctuation, final determination thereof shall be made upon payment confirmation. Any discrepancies as to the exchange rate prior to and after payment confirmation shall be borne to the Sender without any obligation on the part of JuanCash to refund or reimburse the same. Applicable taxes, duties and commissions, and the like, may be deducted from the amount to be paid to the Receiver either at the time of payment or at the time of the crediting of such amount to the Receiver’s Bank Account.

VII. Unsuccessful Transaction, Refund, and Service Fee. If JuanCash has processed the transaction request, but the Remittance Amount cannot be paid-out to the Receiver because:

(i) The Sender has provided incorrect information, including but not limited to incorrect Receiver’s Bank Account information;
(ii) Receiver’s identity cannot be reasonable verified or satisfactorily validated by the Alliance Partner, Receiver’s bank and/or pay-out outlet;
(iii) The Receiver fails to pick-up the Remittance Amount within ten (10) calendar days;
(iv) The transaction is rejected by the Receiver’s Bank, and/or payout outlet for compliance reason; or
(v) The Receiver fails to complete the One-Time Verification process with the payout bank within 72 hours.

Any of the cases mentioned, JuanCash shall automatically cancel the transaction and refund the Remittance Amount excluding the Service Fee. If the Receiver’s Bank imposes an additional handling fee for any on the cases above-mentioned, the Sender shall be responsible for such fee and the same shall be automatically charged to the Sender’s JuanCash Wallet.

However, the Sender shall not be responsible for the Service Fee in the following scenarios:

(i) If the transaction request cannot be processed by JuanCash and/or Alliance Partner due to AML/CFT issues (i.e. if the Receiver’s identity matches a name on a sanctions list.); and
(ii) If the transaction request cannot be processed due to error caused by JuanCash and/or Alliance Partner.

In both cases, JuanCash shall automatically refund the Remittance Amount to the Sender’s JuanCash Wallet including the Service Fee.

VIII. Restriction on the Services. JuanCash shall not accept, process, facilitate and/or execute the Services that is:

(i) Prohibited by any existing laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of Philippines;
(ii) Considered suspicious transaction (STR) as determined by JuanCash, Alliance Partner and/or Receiver’s Bank;
(iii) Beyond the JuanCash Tiering Limit and/or Transaction Limit. In case of doubt, the former precedes over the latter;
(iv) Beyond the Receiver’s transaction limit per day and/or other restrictions that may be imposed by the Receiver’s Bank Account against the Receiver;
(v) Beyond the amount against the available balance on JuanCash Wallet;
(vi) Incomplete, false, inaccurate, and/or misleading information or documents provided for by the Sender; and
(vii) Any other situations analogous to the foregoing.

IX. Confidentiality. By using the Services, the Sender acknowledges, agrees, and consents that the transaction information, including the One-Time Online Registration voluntarily provided and/or other information that is material and relevant to carry out the Services will be transferred, shared, and processed by JuanCash, Alliance Partner, Receiver's Bank Account and/or payout outlet in accordance with Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations and/or the best data practices in some other jurisdiction where such Receiver is located. All transaction records shall be maintained safely stored for seven (7) years from the date of the transactions. This includes the data, information, and/or documents provided by Receiver to the Receiver’s Bank.

All pertinent data, information, and/or documents provided shall be treated with strict confidentiality and utmost protection except from the following scenarios wherein data, information, and/or documents may be disclosed:

(i) to its and its Alliance Partner’s directors, officers, employees and agents, including accountants, legal counsel and other advisors (it being understood that the Persons to whom such disclosure is made will be informed of the confidential nature of such Information and instructed to keep such Information confidential);
(ii) to the extent requested by any regulatory authority;
(iii) to the extent required by applicable laws or regulations or by any subpoena or similar legal process;
(iv) to any other party to this Agreement;
(v) in connection with the exercise of any remedies hereunder or any suit, action or proceeding relating to this Agreement or the enforcement of rights hereunder;
(vi) subject to an agreement containing provisions substantially the same as those of this Section, to any assignee of or Participant in, or any prospective assignee of or Participant in, any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement;
(vii) with the consent of the Sender or Receiver; and
(viii) to the extent such Information becomes publicly available or becomes available to the Receiver’s Bank and/or payout outlet.

X. Disclaimer of Warranties. Sender understands and agrees that JuanCash materials, products, Services and any and all information found and provided in the JuanCash platform are on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Thus, JuanCash disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including, without limitation to, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement of proprietary rights arising from the course of performance, dealing or usage in trade. JuanCash also does not warrant and guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any and all information, data and materials found in the JuanCash platform and expressly disclaims liability from any and all errors or lapses therein. No warranty or guarantee is also given and that the JuanCash platform or the website is free from any and all kinds of viruses or other corrupting codes and programs.