From Philippines to abroad (China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Europe), a user who is currently in the Philippines can send money abroad using JuanCash App.

How to use the JuanCash remittance

1. Tap on the Remittance Icon

2. Click more

3. Select your country of destination

4. choose a remittance method

5. Enter the desired amount

6. Click next

7. Add payee and fill out the required information

8. Select payee and click remit

9. double check the information before proceeding with the payment

10. click Pay Now and Enter your payment password

11. The summary of your remittance will appear in the mobile app. Money will be transferred to the receiver instantly.

Note: If the receiver did not complete & submit one-time verification within 72 hours, the amount will be refunded to the sender s JuanCash wallet.