Innovating Business Solutions Through Convenient And Secure Payments

JuanCash offers the latest scan-to-pay mobile payment solutions suited to your business requirements.

Our seamless payment solutions allow your business to accept payments using the latest QR technology that is convenient & secured.

JuanCash merchants enjoy full-access and benefits to after-sales transactions with our back-end solutions for posting and reporting.

Be a JuanCash Merchant

Sign up as a JuanCash merchant and enjoy the following benefits:

Backend Payment Settlement

Provide real-time posting and transaction

Offer secured payment solution

Provide share infrastructure and network

Lower rates than most credit card

Inclusion in our Advertising and Promotional Activities

Apply to the JuanPay Agency System

JuanPay Agency System is a financial brand integrated in JuanCash mobile application that offers financial services to micro businesses.

JuanPay Agency System will cater to those who want to start a business by offering financial services in their area. With the use of JuanCash App they will be able to transact bills payment, mobile load, gaming, remittance etc.